Crown Correctional Telephone

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  • Inmate Collect Telephones
  • Inmate Visitation Telephones
  • Coin Operated Telephones
  • Inmate Calling Cards
  • Payment Kiosks

 Our Inmate Call Engine (I.C.E.) is a proven successful tool in over 300 facilities nationwide. With access from any PC with Web access, a facility can monitor live calls, search archived calls, and download recordings for ongoing investigations.

 The user interface was written using standard Web tools.  This means the software can be accessed over the internet.  No software has to be installed at a facility to configure the system, print or view reports or listen to calls.  This means no upgrades and no compatibility issues.


I.C.E. Highlighted Features

  • Real-time operator assisted inmate prepaid collect
  • 24-hour help desk and customer service
  • Call control and fraud prevention features
  • Remote monitoring
  • Recording visitation telephones (with or without inmate PIN access)
  • Real-time internet based reporting
  • Real-time live monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics and programming
  • Real-time back up for all data (including a virtual file storage off site)
  • Inmate phone enhanced billing solutions
  • Multiple user security levels
  • Blended debit/collect calls
  • Emergency kill switch integration
  • International calling
  • Multi-facility support
  • Multiple language support
  • Jail management software integration
  • Commissary integration
  • Security & electronics integration